Exponent questionnaire

Dear exponents,

EDD 2019 is now over – we hope the two days in Tartu were successful to you. To do and be even better next year, we need your feedback and ideas. Please answer to our questions!

Thank you,
Estonian Dental Association


  • 1. What are the positive aspects of the organization of the Fair 2019?

  • 2. What are the negative aspects of the organization of the Fair 2019?

  • 3. In your opinion, what should be the basis of distributing the expo spots. Please answer below in the comment area with 1 indicating your most desirable opinion.

    * Pre-registration via email indicating your favourite spot
    * The speed of registration on the registration date
    * The expo area is divided into sections: clothing, importer, distributer, instruments, macihnary etc)
    * Some other idea

  • Would your company be interested in giving a demo/lecture/presentation at EDD2020 as part of the free stage area (parallel to the main conference programme, 170€/demo)?

  • NB! By answering this question you do not take any responsibility in giving the demo nor does Estonian Dental Association in providing the free stage area.

    Name of the company and the person filling in this form