Strategic management of a dental clinic, Tallinn (inglise keeles)

Toimumisaeg:18. veebruar 2022
Lektorid:Šarūnas Perminas
Korraldaja:Med Grupe OÜ
Osavõtutasu:200€  koolitus toimub inglise keeles
 Kirjeldus: Maht: 9 TP
 Rregistreerimine:Kaili Leming +372 508 2159, Kristi Helde +372 528 8880,

Šarūnas Perminas

Since 2013 Šarūnas Perminas is responsible for managing the group of companies working in dental care: “VIC” dental clinic (13 chairs in Vilnius), Adenta (13 chairs in Riga), JSC MED GRUPĖ (Straumann group and 3shape distributor in the Baltic’s countries and Belarus), JSC “Med grupės projektai” (dental lab), and Ordoline (production and distribution of dental aligners worldwide).

Having an excellent team of employees, partners and customers the speaker has gained experience which he is ready to share with dental clinic’s managers:

1. Creating a different dental clinic – Is it possible for dental clinic to have a mission and a vision? How to formulate a mission and vision statements? How to link a mission with a strategy and tactics? How strategic management changes a dental clinic?

  1. Business plan – What are real financial possibilities and ambitions in your clinic?
  2. Daily management of a dental clinic – Implementing strategy through a key performance

indicator system. How to fight with resistance to change?

4. Personnel management – What motivates people in a dental clinic? How to organize compa- ny’s internal meetings and build-up a team spirit? How to become a real leader and find an effective management style?

5. Leadership Features – to develop and look for hiring a general manager

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