Orthodontic treatment with AirNivol system (inglise keeles)

Toimumisaeg:14. veebruar 2020

Pärnu mnt. 139C, 5. korrus, Tallinn 11317

Lektorid:dr Robertas Kirlys
Korraldaja:Med Grupe OÜ
Osavõtutasu:Ürituse tasu: 229€  Üritus toimub inglise keeles (tõlketa).
 Kirjeldus: Maht: 9 TP
 Rregistreerimine:Rohkem informatsiooni ja registreerimine: Kristi@medgrupe.ee (+372) 5288880/ Kaili@medgrupe.ee (+372) 50 82159

AirNivol Aligners System was named as one of the three aligner systems used to treat more complex orthodontic cases at the European Aligners Association conference already in 2016.

Course program

Ortho treatment options : braces vs aligners.
What are airliners and how they function.
Clinical workflow from examination to final retainer: How to view and adjust AirCheck;
IPR Management Tips;
Activation points;
Elastic Management Strategy;
Treatment plan documentation.
Identification of complex treatment cases.
Helpful advices to patients.
Discussion on the models and photos brought by the participants.

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