Korraldaja:American Academy Implant Dentistry,
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 Kirjeldus:Course Objectives:

  1. impart the participants the understanding of the diagnostic and treatment modalities necessary to properly treat patients who are candidates for dental implant therapy. The interdisciplinary approach utilizing case based learning methodology will include lectures, demonstrations, interactive seminars, hands on sessions and relevant review of literature emphasizing evidence based clinical approach.
  2. provide an intensive overview of the state-of-the-art in implant dentistry
  3. Provide live surgical and prosthetic demonstrations on patients.
  4. aid the participants in the preparation for the AAID Associate Fellow/Fellow membership examinations.
  5. help the participants develop clear solutions that fit the problems and its inherent conditions encountered in the practice of implant dentistry, based upon information provided and clearly explicated reasoning.
  6. instill a deep sense of humility in each student that self-cautions them to treat only that for which they are surely prepared, and teaches them how to assess that preparedness