Looking beyond bond strength (veebikoolitus, inglise keeles, II osa)

Toimumisaeg:24. veebruar kell 20.00-21.30
Lektorid: Dr Shira Zary, prof dr Bart Meerbeek
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3M has been committed to continuously developing adhesives and cements that offer high bond strengths, robustness and clinical excellence. In a world of excellence, can we expect more from our adhesives and cements? Join us on this experiential two-part journey where world renowned speakers will share their experiences and insights, both clinical and academic, with novel adhesives and cements, that are leading us to a new level of dentistry.

Part two Speakers

Dr Shira Zary, DMD
3M Global Scientific Affairs & Education Manager

How to improve on perfection
Since the introduction of Bis-GMA by Dr. Raphael Bowen, adhesive dentistry has gone through great strides of development, enabling us to provide our patients with more aesthetic, more conservative, and longer lasting restorations. Can we go further, beyond bond strength and mechanical properties?


Prof Dr Bart Meerbeek, DMD, PhD
Chair of Dep of Oral Health Sciences of KU Leuven and BIOMAT founder

Dental adhesive technology to bond direct and indirect restorations
The first thing we do when a new adhesive is launched in the market is test it in the lab. Performance and longevity must be ensured before using it in real patients. We will show how the features of 3M’s new adhesive are even better than its predecessor.