Getting Started with AirNivol Aligners – For General Practitioners, Tallinn

Toimumisaeg:11.11.2023, kell 9-17
Toimumiskoht:Proimplant’i õppeklass, Türi 10c, Tallinn
Lektor:Dr Matteo Piergentili
Korraldaja:Proimplant OÜ
Osavõtutasu:250 eur + km
 Kirjeldus:8 TP
Step confidently into the world of AirNivol aligners with our adapted course for General Practitioners. Under Dr. Matteo Piergentili’s expert guidance, gains practical insights and real-world examples, ensuring proficiency in every facet of clear aligner treatment.

Content and learning objectives of the Course

The course for General Practitioners is an introductory course aimed at equipping GPs with the knowledge and skills to begin using AirNivol aligners in their practice, understanding the basics of clear aligner treatment and its application in various cases, step-by-step guidance on patient selection, treatment planning, and aligner prescription, and practical tips for managing aligner treatment efficiently in a general practice setting.

Dr. Matteo Piergentili, drawing from his vast expertise in utilizing clear aligners, will present numerous practical examples and invaluable insights on their optimal application. Participants will gain valuable knowledge from his extensive experience during the course.

Program of the course

Lesson 1: 

  • Introduction to AirNivol aligners and technology behind

    • Overview of AirNivol aligners and their unique features.

    • Advantages of using clear aligners in orthodontic treatment.

    • Cases amenable to treatment with aligners.

    • Understanding the technology behind AirNivol aligners.

Lesson 2: 

  • Patient Selection and Case Assessment:

    • Criteria for selecting suitable candidates for AirNivol aligners

    • Comprehensive case evaluation and treatment planning

    • Identifying different malocclusion types and their aligner treatment possibilities

    • AirNivol clinical workflow and the recommended protocol by Dr. Piergentili

Lesson 3: 

  • Clinical Applications of AirNivol Aligners:

    • Addressing common orthodontic issues with clear aligners

    • Aligner treatment for simple cases: crowding, spacing, and minor misalignments

    • Aligner wear and care instructions for patients.

    • Managing patient expectations during the orthodontic journey

Lesson 4: 

  • Case Studies and Practical Examples:

    • Analyzing successful case studies treated with AirNivol Aligners

    • Hands-on exercises for treatment planning and case simulations

    • Interactive hands-on exercises covering essential tools used in aligner treatment, such as stripping, attachments, elastics, buttons, and other auxiliary components

    • Interactive discussions on best practices and clinical outcomes

Hands-on sessions

The courses include final interactive hands-on exercises covering essential tools used in aligner treatment, such as stripping, attachments, elastics, buttons, and other auxiliary components.

Materials furnished for the participants:

  • For every 2 participants, AirNivol will provide

    • 1 model (produced on the model provided by Dr. Piergentili)

    • 1 aligner made of silicon material (produced on the model provided by Dr. Piergentili)

  • Each 4 participants will receive:

    • 1 flowable composite syringe

    • 1 bottle of bonding material

  • For every 6-8 participants, there will be 1 curing light

  • Each participant will receive:

    • 1 buccal tube

    • 1 pack of microbrushes

    • 2 interproximal reduction strips, consisting of 1 for single-sided use and 1 for double-sided use

  • For all participants it will be made available:

    • a pack of separator elastics

    • a pack of microbrushes

Dr. Matteo Piergentili

Dr. Matteo Piergentili graduated with honors in Dentistry from the University of Naples Federico II in 2012. During the last two years of his degree course, he served as the National President of the Italian Association of Dentistry Students.

Following his graduation, he pursued specialization in Orthodontics at the Federico II University, where he achieved summa cum laude honors. He also earned two II level Master’s degrees: one in “New clinical approaches in contemporary orthodontics” and another in “Multidisciplinary therapy of temporomandibular, occlusal, and postural disorders.”

In his professional journey, Dr. Piergentili accomplished several significant milestones. He became an active member of the Italian Orthodontist Society in 2019 and received the certificate of excellence from the IBOA BOARD of the Italian Aligners Society in 2020. Additionally, in 2021, he obtained the provisional certificate of excellence from the EBO BOARD of the European Society of Orthodontics.

Dr. Piergentili’s extensive experience includes supervising the plan of over 5.000 clinical cases treated with aligners. He currently dedicates his expertise exclusively to orthodontic practice in various dental clinics across southern Italy.