EHP 2017 eelkursus: Hambumuse tõstmine komposiitidega – prof Camillo D’Arcangelo

Toimumisaeg:24.08.2017 kell 11 – 17
Toimumiskoht:Hotell Euroopa Konverentsikeskus, Tallinn
Korraldaja:Eesti Hambaarstide Liit

prof Camillo D’Arcangelo (loeng toimub inglise keeles)


kuni – – 10.08.
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Eelkursuse tutvustus

Additive Prosthodontics Technique

The occurrence of occlusal problems, including both temporo-mandibular disorders and parafunctions, is getting increasingly frequent.

Using EFP approach excellent esthetic results may be obtained, saving the occlusal balance or, in case of parafunctional patients, improving the occlusal balance. In other words today it is possible to improve smile, occlusion and posture of the patient with one single treatment.

An accurate diagnosis and a proper treatment plan must be carefully defined before subjecting patients with occlusal problems to any kind of rehabilitation, in order to restore a presumably lost occlusal balance.

Within the course, appropriate procedures for the occlusal diagnosis, condyle position evaluation and jaw repositioning will be shown step by step. Moreover  Rehabilitation procedures using Additive Prosthodontics solutions will be shown.

 “ADDITIVE SOLUTIONS” means in most of the  cases the sacrifice of sound tissues is not necessary to successfully restore teeth.  With traditional procedures we usually use “RESETTIVE SOLUTIONS” , as to place the restoration the remotion of sound enamel and dentin is always needed.

It is a matter of fact that adhesive materials and techniques have made it simple to reach amazing esthetic results using not invasive procedures. Today it is similarly easy to reach the same results  also in occlusal rehabilitation using the same materials and techniques.

During the lecture the step by step procedures to evaluate the patient occlusion and to restore a right esthetic smile will be shown. Moreover  procedures for full mounth rehabilitation of parafunctionl patients using an additive prosthetic approach will be described. 

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