Dr Avi Kuperschlag – Advanced osseodensification course, Tallinn

Toimumisaeg:25. märts 2023 10:00-17:30
Toimumiskoht:Proimplant’i õppeklass (Türi 10c, Tallinn)
Lektorid: Dr Avi Kuperschlag (loeng inglise keeles)
Korraldaja:Proimplant OÜ
Kirjeldus: Maht:  8TP

Tel. +372 6535 884

During the course Avi will share his knowledge and know-how about his long term experience with Densah drills. We usually start using each new product/solution with caution and according to the protocol. As our experience and confidence grows we start „crossing the boarders“, where on top of positive results, we also end up with failures. In this course Avi will talk about his complications, failures and share his discoveries how to use Densah drills effectively in more demanding situations.

Cases that will be shared, explained and discussed:

  • Septum expansion of lower molars in combination with an individual healing abutment for preservation of hard and soft tissue

  • A new protocol for sinus floor elevation in cases with less than 3 mm of crestal bone: The 1 BUR PROTOCOL in combination with LPRF sticky bone block

  • Thin atrophied maxilla: alveolar expansion with simultaneous GBR using Ethoss- a novel synthetic grafting material: from flap design to tissue releasing and passive closure

  • All-on-4 in highly atrophied maxilla: the palatal approach- using oseeodensifiaction for site preparation to help achieving high primary stability for immediate loading

All participants are encourages and advised to bring their own cases/ CBCT’s for group discussion.


Dr. Kuperschlag graduated from Vilnius University with a degree in oral surgery. Since 2018, he has mainly practiced oral surgery and complex surgeries. Dr. Kuperschlag has been using Densah drills for many years and is a licensed osseodensisation trainer. Dr. Kuperschlag is a recognized lecturer and opinion leader for implant systems. Over the last four years, Dr. Kuperschlag has been a lecturer in a number of trainings, especially on implant placement.