Direct Composite Restorations from A to Z

Toimumiskoht:Tallinn, Rävala pst.3
Lektor:Dr. Rodrigo Castillo
Korraldaja:DrClass Baltics,
Osavõtutasu:1. päev: lecture & master-class – 200 €

2. päev: hands-on – 330 €

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  • Osalejad saavad sertifikaadid
  • Kohvipausid ja lõuna on hinnas.

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About the course

Dentistry has undergone a striking change and our patients are increasingly demanding more conservative, aesthetic and functional treatments staying within the certain time & budget limits.

Nowadays, composite restorations are able to mimic the natural dentition, which makes them a great solution for solving problems related to shape, size, position and color of the affected teeth.

In this course, we will teach the layering technique, which is based on the use of different types of composites, opaquers and tints. That allows us to create restorations able to go unnoticed in the oral environment within a short period of time and at low costs.



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