Digital communication in dental clinic, Tallinn

Toimumisaeg: 9. detsember 2022 (koolitus inglise keeles)
Toimumiskoht:L´Ermitage konverentsi saal, Toompuiestee 19
Lektorid:Algirdas Balčiūnas
Korraldaja:Med Grupe OÜ
 Kirjeldus: Maht: 9 TP

AIM: to discuss the usage of digital technologies in everyday dental practice and conversion from analog to digital workflows theoretically. Practical demonstration of intraoral scanning, photography and biometric data analysis in different software.


  1. Digital communication methods and their usage in dental clinic;
  2. Communication of different specialists, using digital communication method;
  3. Correct collection of patiens biometric data with digital devices;
  4. Analysis of biometric data in different software;
  5. Patients’ communication improvement with digital technologies: digital smile design and mock- up;
  6. Communication with dental technician’s lab;
  7. Planning of surgery: collecting and analysing biometric data for guided implantology and immediate loading;
  8. Achieving best results in permanent prosthodontics in digital way: scanning techniques;
  9. Avoiding mistakes and complications.
  10. Conclusions


  1. Collecting patients’ biometric data: intraoral and face scanning, digital photography;
  2. Biometric data analysis;
  3. Clinical situations analysis.