Diagnosis and management of Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD): the state of the art and clinical implications, Tallinn

Toimumisaeg:29. aprill 2023 kell 9.30-17.30
Lektorid:Prof. Ambrosina Michelotti (loeng inglise keeles)
Korraldaja:Ordoline Estonia
 Kirjeldus:10 TP

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Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) is a collective term including a set of heterogeneous conditions that affect the masticatory muscles, the temporomandibular joints (TMJs), and the surrounding tissues and structures. These conditions are characterized by regional acute or persistent pain in the facial and/or preauricular areas, limitation or interference in jaw functions, and/or noises from the TMJs during jaw movements. TMD affects approximately 15-30% of the population

Given the complexity of the disease, TMD treatment cannot simply rely on a single treatment modality, instead, the management should encompass a comprehensive multimodal approach. Conventional goals of successful management of TMD should be focused on: making the pain disappear (or at least reducing pain intensity), rehabilitating normal jaw functions, and restoring normal psychological and social functioning and well-being.

During this course, prof. Ambrosina Michelotti, one of the most renowned experts on TMD treatment will provide essential knowledge on the disorder, teach how to diagnose and screen for TMD and treat it by applying different protocols.

Course topics:

  • Introduction to TMD
  • Epidemiology
  • Risk factors
  • Comorbidities
  • Psychosocial factors
  • Occlusion and TMD
  • The role of the central nervous system
  • Screening tools for TMD
  • Standardized clinical examination
  • Diagnoses according to DC/TMD
  • Management of TMD patients
  • Evaluation of bio-psycho-social domain
  • Principles of cognitive, behavioral therapy
  • Patient-centered treatment
  • Self-management
  • Physical Therapy and Home exercise protocols
  • Occlusal splints
  • Management of TMD before or during orthodontic/dental treatment

Prof. Ambrosina Michelotti

Professor Ambrosina Michelotti graduated in Dentistry (DDS) in 1984 and received the Honorary Degree in Dentistry at the University of Malmo (Sweden) in 2018. In 1991 she’s got a degree of a specialist in Orthodontics. She is full professor in Orthodontics and Clinical Gnathology. She is a full professor and director of the post-graduate School in Orthodontics and responsible for the Master course on “Orofacial pain and Temporomandibular Disorders” at the University of Naples Federico II. She has authored or co-authored more than 170 papers published in Italian and international journals, and co-author of several book chapters. She also gave numerous lectures at international congresses. Her research interests are mainly focused on clinical orthodontics, the basic physiology of the jaw muscles, the etiology, diagnosis and management of temporomandibular disorders and on the relationship between the jaw musculature and orthodontics. She was the president of the European Academy of Craniomandibular Disorders (2010), President of the Neuroscience group of IADR (2011); President of SIDA (società italiana di disfunzioni ed algie temporomandibolari; 2012-2013); President of the RDC/TMD Consortium at the International Association of Dental Research (2013-2014); President elected of the European Society of Oral Physiology (2024). Editor in Chief of the Orthodontic and Craniofacial Research journal, Associate Editor of the European Journal of Oral Science, Associate Editor of the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, member of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Orthodontics and referee of several national and international journals.