3-Series Master program in fixed prosthodontics – Moodul 3

Ceramic material selection from single restoration to full-mouth rehabilitation

Toimumiskoht:Pesaro, Itaalia
Korraldaja:ACE Institute
Osalejate arv: 28
The aim of this 3-Series course is to outline a systematic approach to prosthetic rehabilitation and help the clinician to confidently address comprehensive treatments involving bridges, crowns, veneers and onlays on natural dentition and on implants, from a single restoration to a full-mouth rehabilitation.

The use of all-ceramic partial restorations represents a valid alternative to complete crown restorations. Nowadays, a new clinical approach based on an innovative Minimally Invasive Prosthetic Procedure (MIPP), allows the maximum preservation of healthy tooth structure thus guaranteeing tooth vitality and a higher overall resistance of the restoration also thanks to the undeniable advantages offered by the adhesive cementation technique. The availability of a wide range of ceramic materials (glass ceramic, alumina and zirconia) permits the achievement of an excellent, long lasting aesthetic result. Indications, advantages and disadvantages of every type of ceramic material available in the market will be illustrated and discussed during this Module as well as their use for the fabrication of bridges, crowns, veneers, full veneers, buccal and occlusal veneers, table tops and implant abutments. Long term data will be provided.