3-Series Master program in fixed prosthodontics – Moodul 2

Aesthetic, functional and biologic integration of the prosthetic rehabilitation on natural dentition and implants

Toimumiskoht:Pesaro, Itaalia
Korraldaja:ACE Institute
Osalejate arv: 28
The aim of this 3-Series course is to outline a systematic approach to prosthetic rehabilitation and help the clinician to confidently address comprehensive treatments involving bridges, crowns, veneers and onlays on natural dentition and on implants, from a single restoration to a full-mouth rehabilitation.

A perfect state of health of gingival tissues is a pre-requisite condition before taking the final impressions as this will allow the clinician to better detect the prosthetic margins. The soft tissues conditioning around natural abutments and implants represents a challenging procedure for the clinician who has to achieve a perfect gingival outline for aesthetic purposes as well as an appropriate biological integration of the prosthetic restoration respecting the soft tissues health. The final impressions, the impressions of the provisional restorations, all the occlusal registrations and face bow record will enable the technician to finalize the prosthetic rehabilitation correctly. Cross mounting the casts, creating the silicone indices and the preventive simulation (PS) of the definitive result will make it possible to faithfully replicate all of the characteristics of the functionalized provisional restoration, regardless of the type of restorative material selected.